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How do I purchase Release & Refine? Release & Refine LIVE opens for purchase on May 23, 2016. Please visit the home page to join the waiting list. How do I register for Release & Refine? If you weren't immediately directed to a Thank You and Registration page, check your email for a unique registration link. If you did not receive an email, check your spam folder and make sure to whitelist If you are still having problems, please email Please note that while we aim to resolve issues in 48-72 hours, it may take up to 7 days. How do I log in to Release & Refine? After you have registered for Release & Refine, you should be immediately directed to our login page. If you were not, visit the login page here. Sign in using the username and password that you have established.


I can't log in to Release & Refine. First, check to make sure you have registered for Release & Refine. If you have registered and can't log in, keep reading. I am caught in a log-in loop. You may have a browser caching issue. To clear your browser cache In Google Chrome: 1. Select "History" from the top bar and scroll to "show full history" 2. Click "clear browsing data" 3. Set the timeframe to "the past hour" and make sure the "cookies and other site and plugin data" and "cached images and files" boxes are checked 4. Click "clear browsing data" In Firefox: 1. Select "History" from the top bar and scroll to "clear recent history" 2. Set time range to clear to "last hour" 3. Expand the details section and select "cookies," "cache," and "active logins" In Safari: 1. Select "History" from the top bar and scroll to "Clear history: 2. Set the time frame to "clear the last hour" and clear history I cleared my cache and still can't log in. Make sure to check "Remember me" when logging in. This is a quirk of the membership program that this website uses, and we are actively looking for a solution.
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