Release & Refine is down for an upgrade!

Release & Refine, the multimedia workbook that helps you get organized, find your priorities, and create time for your Audacious Life, is currently getting a facelift for 2017. The new edition will be available for purchase for $79 beginning January 3, 2017.

Here's what you can expect:

  • The integration of "Clear Your Calendar Like Marie Kondo," Lynn's popular ebook on harnessing the world-renowned KonMari Method™ to declutter your calendar and make space for your Audacious Life
  • Brand-new bonuses with embedded links for easy access
  • Downloadable audio files, for when you want to listen to Release & Refine in the car, at the gym, or simply away from your computer (you're there enough already!)

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Happy people who have finished Release & Refine

KathyWhen I started Release & Refine, my life was complex and juggling. I realized that I do so much for others, and that I also need to do things for myself. As a result, I’m now doing less of what I think I have to do to please others and more of what I want to do for myself.

—Kathy, Denver, CO

Release & Refine helped me realize that I was focusing my energy on everyone else—and I was exhausted! This program gave me permission to stop and give myself time to recharge.

—A.T., New York

About the Author

Lynn DaueLynn Daue is the founder of the Audacious Life Movement.

I empower determined women to step up and claim their Audacious Lives. Through my books and publications, I've helped women throughout the English-speaking world go for MORE—more time, more energy, more freedom, more joy, more success. All on your their own terms, and without sacrificing the lives they've already built.

I wouldn't have been able to do any of this for myself without my own blend of tools drawn from linguistics, psychology, and time management. And now, all of these secrets are wrapped into Release & Refine so that you can claim the time for your own Audacious Life.